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Here are some common questions we receive at Listosaur.

Question: I have an idea for a story. How do I submit that?
Answer: Send your story ideas to writerslistosaur.com. Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to each individual submission.

Question: Why does your website not have the aggravating and frustrating pop-up ads, surveys, and auto-play videos we see on many other websites?
Answer: Because we find them aggravating and frustrating.

Question: I see a mistake in a story that needs to be corrected. How can I get that done?
Answer: Send the correction to writers <at symbol> listosaur.com.

Question: I see Listosaur wrote a story on the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. I have written a 10,000-word essay on cucumbers on the website CucumbersRule.com. Will you please link to my story?
Answer: We get numerous requests to add links to other websites from Listosaur stories, in some cases stories that we did many years ago. Sorry, but we can’t accommodate these requests.

Question: I want to use a Listosaur story as reference material for my class. Are there any restrictions on that?
Answer: Many educational institutions, from elementary schools through colleges, use Listosaur for assignments. (Thank you.) Obviously, certain copyright restrictions apply on the use of photographs featured on this website; it would be unwise/illegal to take a photo from this website copyrighted by another photographer and sell it for fundraising purposes (T-shirts, mugs, etc.) But as a rule, please link away to Listosaur stories and cite them as references.

Question: Why do you not allow reader comments?
Answer: At one time we welcomed reader comments, and despite safeguards, trolls invaded, attacking other readers with falsehoods and profanity. Then there were the spam comments (earn $1,000 per hour working at home, just by watching TV!)” So we ditched comments in 2012. Then a funny thing happened: Many of the top websites in the country have since stopped accepting reader comments, because of trolls and spam. More sites are adopting that stance every day.

Question: Why do you only have like 100 followers on Twitter? My cousin Barney has almost 17,000 followers and has sent out 150,000 tweets.
Answer: Listosaur debuted before most people had heard of Twitter. The site’s goal was to attract readers, and in technical terms, Twitter has an incredibly low click-through rate for story links, between 1 percent and 5 percent. It is, however, ideal for sharing pet memes, doxxing innocent people, political rants, sharing information that is clearly false, and for trolls.

Question: Do you accept story submissions?
Answer: Yes, but there are no guarantees a story will be published. Send submissions to: writers<at>listosaur.com. Due to the volume of submissions and requests, we cannot respond to most inquiries.

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