10 Strange Scenes From the 2016 Rio Olympics

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So the 2016 Olympics are over, and after two weeks of suspense, joy and heartbreak, athletes from around the world left Rio in agreement on one thing — Ryan Lochte did not get robbed at gunpoint. The U.S. swimmer’s ill-advised “over-exaggeration” about being robbed is certainly the most bizarre story out of the Rio Games, but it’s not the only one. Literally from the first day of competition until almost the closing ceremonies, there were plenty of other strange events, both inside and outside the competition venues. Here are some of the most unusual scenes from the 2016 Rio Olympics.


10. Defending Gold Medalist Diver Belly Flops

2012 diving gold medalist Ilya Zakharov belly flops. © NBC Sports

It’s not unusual to see a 10-year-old kid do a belly flop trying to do a flip at the neighborhood pool. It’s definitely not something you see in Olympics competition. But Russian Ilya Zakharov, the 2012 gold medalist, belly flopped in the men’s 3m springboard semifinal. His score of “no dive” prevented him from making the finals.


9. Japanese Pole Vaulter Commits Foul With Manhood

Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita creates an awkward foul with his manhood. © NBC

failed to advance past the qualifying round after he knocked the bar off with his leg and … his penis. This of course set off a storm of double entendre comments around the Internet.


8. Screaming Man Chases Cyclists

A screaming man chased cyclists in Rio. © NBC

No one is sure why a spectator ran onto the course during the men’s cycling road race and started chasing and screaming at the cyclists. Luckily, the athletes reached a downhill run and left the man behind.


7. Pole Vaulter Stops in Midrun to Stand For Anthem

Sam Kendricks comes to a screeching halt to stand at attention for the national anthem. © NBC

U.S. pole vaulter Sam Kendricks knows it’s proper to stand at attention for the U.S. national anthem — even if you’re in the middle of a vault. Kendricks dropped his pole and screeched to a halt during a practice vault when he heard the Star-Spangled Banner begin. Kendricks is a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army.


6. Chinese Diver Proposes to Girlfriend on Medals Podium

Qin Kai proposes to fellow Chinese diver He Zi at the medals podium in Rio. © NBC

Chinese diver He Zi had just received a silver medal and was still standing at the podium when her boyfriend of six years, fellow diver Qin Kai, pulled out a ring and proposed marriage. They hugged, and a tearful He accepted the proposal.


5. Lilly King Wags Finger at Russian Opponent

Lilly King responded with a finger of her own after seeing Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova celebrate. © NBC

U.S. swimmer Lilly King evoked images of the Cold War and one of those old Rocky boxing movies when she wagged her finger at Russia’s Yulia Efimova after Efimova was shown on TV holding up her finger after one of the 100-meter breaststroke semifinals. The 19-year-old King, upset that Efimova had been reinstated for the games after a drug-related suspension for the Russian team, edged Efimova in the finals to win gold.


4. Rio Pools Turned From Blue to Green

The diving pool at Rio mysteriously turned a murky green overnight. Credit: Matt Majendie via Twitter

Everyone was surprised when the diving pool at Rio turned from clear blue to murky green literally overnight. Organizers admitted that the accidental addition of hydrogen peroxide to the pool neutralized the chlorine in the water, allowing “organics” to flourish. The adjacent pool, which hosted water polo and synchronized swimming, also began to turn green, but workers drained it and refilled it with 3.7 million liters of water from an adjacent practice pool that had not been affected.


3. Wrestling Coaches Strip to Protest Decision

Mongolian wrestling coaches stripped to protest a scoring decision. © CBC

Two Mongolian wrestling coaches were furious after their wrestler, Ganzorigiin Mandakhnaran, lost the men’s freestyle 65k bronze medal match to Uzbekistan’s Ikhtiyor Navruzov. So they immediately stripped in the ring right after the match. Thankfully, they didn’t strip down to their birthday suits, but one coach did reveal enough to answer the eternal “boxers versus briefs” question.


2. Tongan Flag bearer Sets Internet on Fire

Tonga’s flag bearer went heavy on the oil, light on the clothes for his appearance. © BBC

Tongan flag bearer Pita Taufatofua became an Internet sensation during Rio’s opening ceremonies, with his shirtless, muscular and oiled look. And he set the Internet on fire again after his appearance in the closing ceremony.


1. Michael Phelps’ ‘Death Stare’ Goes Viral

Michael Phelps intense scowl at a rival will be remembered for years to come. © NBC

Michael Phelps’ intense scowl at a rival will be remembered for years to come. © NBC

You could practically see death rays shooting out of Michael Phelps’ eyes as he scowled at rival Chad Le Clos as the South African shadow-boxed in front of him before their race in the 200 butterfly. Phelps’ angry stare turned up in memes all over the Internet. Phelps easily won gold in the event, and it’s a good bet that image of him scowling will forever be associated with him to illustrate his competitive fire.


One More: Gymnast’s Photo With Hoops Star a Real Contrast

Ragan Smith, meet DeAndre Jordan. Credit: Ragan Smith via Instagram

U.S. gymnast Ragan Smith, who stands 4-6, posed for a photo with 6-11 U.S. hoops star DeAndre Jordan, and it looks as surreal as you would expect.


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