10 Great Tweets After the Chicago Cubs Championship

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Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs on their first World Series title since 1908. That previous championship was so long ago, most people still used outhouses instead of bathrooms. Cars were a novelty, there were no TVs and the invention of Twitter was still almost 100 years away. None of those great inventions was more fun after that thrilling Game 7 than Twitter, which buzzed with the aftermath of the Cubs’ historic victory. Here are a few gems.


10. Trophy Life

Cubs centerfielder Dexter Fowler became the first player in World Series history to lead off a Game 7 with a home run.


9. No More Goats

We’ll save you the trouble of counting … those are 108 billy goats, one for each year the Cubs supposedly failed to win the World Series because of the infamous β€œCurse of the Billy Goat.”


8. Front Page News

The Chicago Tribune’s front page says it all. Copies of this paper were reportedly impossible to find in some parts of the city.


7. Breakfast of Champions?

We’re definitely not going to criticize Cubs ace Jake Arrieta’s choice of breakfast at 6 a.m. Chicago time the night after such an historic moment.


6. For All Those Who’ve Gone Before

So many beloved Cubs legends, such as Ernie Banks and Ron Santo, weren’t around to enjoy this historic moment. Fergie Jenkins, who won 167 games in 10 seasons with the Cubs, certainly appreciated the championship.


5. Sweet Justification

Fans and media alike criticized Joe Maddon for his use of Aroldis Chapman in the final two series games. Everything obviously turned out well in the end.


4. Holy Cow!

Budweiser produced this greatΒ video showing legendary Cubs announcer Harry Caray, who died in 1998, calling the game he never got a chance to see.


3. Retirement Gift

Cubs catcher David Ross retired after Game 7. Talk about going out on top.


2. Mr. MVP

World Series MVP Ben Zobrist still hadn’t gone to sleep almost 12 hours after Game 7.


1. Greatest. Celebration. Ever!

Even if the Cubs win three or four World Series in a row, there will never be another celebration like this one.


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