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Even though the Apple Macintosh computer and the Windows-based PC are getting closer together in the way they work, the age-old argument remains: Which is better? The answer to that depends on which one you love, but in reality, the Mac is better in every way. If you already are shaking your head at this, then you have not yet seen the light and still trudge along in the Dark Age of the PC. The answer is obvious, though, every time you have to do five steps on a PC when one would do it on the Mac. It’s time to grow up, shed the shackles of Windows and come over to the right side of the Force. There are many, many more reasons than just five why Macs are better, but here’s a start.


5. Macs Don’t Get Viruses

No one to date has managed to produce a seriously destructive virus targeting the Mac. Despite major invasions in Windows, and previously in DOS, the very few viruses that have worked on a Mac did really stupid and benign things. One many years ago, for example, turned some of the text you typed into outline font. That was it. No loss of data. No scouring of your hard drive for personal information. No dangerous Trojan horses left behind.


4. Macs Are Better For Graphic Artists

Graphic artists have always loved Macs, and now with the growing popularity of Adobe Photoshop and similar graphics programs, many other people are discovering the wonders of the Mac. The graphics just look cleaner, sharper. There’s not even a clunky, pixelated mouse pointer to tell you that you are on the klutzy looking PC. Photoshop originally was designed for the Mac back when the PC still used the blinking horror of the C-prompt. Already by its introduction in 1984, the Mac had a clean, sharp graphical user interface, several years before Microsoft … um … created something similar (but not similar enough to lose in court to Apple). No matter what graphics program you use, and no matter how proficient you are as a graphic artist, the Mac simply looks better.


3. Macs Are Much Easier to Operate

Macs don’t make you feel stupid. PCs do. Guy Kawasaki, former Mac evangelist for Apple, stated in the documentary film “Welcome to Macintosh” that he only uses PCs when he has to because they make him feel stupid. He also pointed out, as have many others, that PC users seem to revel in the unnecessary complexity of their computers. PCs make almost every process more difficult. For example, if you want a picture of what is on your screen in a Mac, you hold down the Shift and Command keys and type “3.” A .png file appears on your Desktop. You can open it in any graphics program. To do the same thing on a PC, you press the “Print Screen” button. Even easier, right? Wrong. This just puts the screenshot in the PC’s memory. Now you need to open a program such as Photoshop or Microsoft Word and paste the image in the memory to an open document. Then you need to save the file with a new name. And it only works if you remember not to copy anything else into memory before you can paste your screenshot.


2. Macs Are Better For Storing, Retrieving Information

There is no logical, user-friendly way of keeping track of all your files on a PC. You can lose things easily, or even accidentally delete them. Macs can be infuriating to longtime users because they ask you every step of the way whether you want to delete something. Mac users often can be overheard talking back to their Macs: “Yes, of course I want you to empty the Trash. That’s why I just told you to.” You also can quickly trace where you put a file even if it got saved somewhere you did not expect by using the Finder’s built-in search option or the Mac OS X Spotlight quick search feature. Apple’s application Time Machine automatically backs up versions of every file you create, and Mac OS X 7 Lion even has eliminated the need to manually save your documents. It does this automatically and provides recessive versions of everything back to when you started the file. Try that on a PC and see how far you get.


1. Macs Just Work

Apple has said this for years and it is the biggest advantage over PCs. Take a new Mac out of the box, plug it in, turn it on and it works. The software welcomes you, helps you set up your user account in a few minutes and even offers you the option of transferring your entire old Mac’s contents onto your new one. All of the operating system software and the Apple-supplied applications such as iPhoto, iCal, Mail, Address Book, iMovie and all the other stuff in the iLife suite is already installed on your Mac the first time you turn it on. Your Mac takes you right to Apple to set up an account if you want to, or not if you don’t. Click on an application in that fancy row of colorful pictures in the Dock and you are off to work or play. You don’t load in the system software. You just turn it on and it works.

Shawn Tomlinson has used and written about Macs since 1988, four years after they were introduced. He produced many articles for national publications such as Macworld, MacWEEK, Macintosh News, Macintosh-Aided Design and others, and currently writes how-to articles about Macs for online publication.

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