5 Highlights of President Obama’s Presidency … According to Obama Himself

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Much has been made of Donald Trump’s prolific use of Twitter. So it’s easy to forget that Barack Obama became the first president to make widespread use of this popular social media. Tweeting under the handle @POTUS, President Obama has shared his likes, dislikes, family moments and words of advice. But on New Year’s Day, he issued a surprising series of tweets touting what he sees as some of the greatest achievements of his presidency. Obama noted, “As we look ahead to the future, I wanted to take a moment to look back on the remarkable progress that you made possible these past 8 years.” Given the opportunity to address his own legacy in the 140-character Twitterverse, it’s interesting to see how President Obama ranks his five greatest hits, so to speak. We’ll refrain from commenting until the end.

President Barack Obama went on Twitter Jan. 1 to share the greatest achievements of his presidency. Credit: White House

5. Improved Marriage Equality and Equal Opportunity


4. U.S. Troops Came Home From Iraq and Elsewhere


3. Boosted Energy Independence and Clean Energy Uses


2. Obamacare Cut Uninsured Rate Almost in Half


1. U.S. Enjoying Longest Economic Recovery in History

How you feel about these issues obviously depends on your political views. Even many of President Obama’s supporters point to the deteriorating situation in Syria and the Middle East and agree that U.S. foreign policy hasn’t helped. And while it’s true Obamacare has helped millions of people, it has also hurt many Americans. Still, it was interesting to see a president share these thoughts on social media. One can only imagine what President Trump’s Twitter feed will look like at the end of his term in office.

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