5 Great Political Commercials From 2016

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If you’re like most Americans, you’re sick of all the negative campaign commercials on TV and online. But some of these ads are just so bizarre, they’re enjoyable. Other commercials take a unique approach to make a point without plunging into the sewer of negativity. Here are a few of the most unusual ads from the 2016 campaign season. Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican or fall somewhere in between, you’ll probably appreciate these commercials.


5. Ted Cruz Ad Parodies Scene From Office Space

Almost everyone who saw this commercial spoofing the iconic printer scene from the film Office Space found it funny — except for the rap group Geto Boys. Ted Cruz’s campaign used their music in the video, prompting the group to tweet, “We don’t support @tedcruz or his super lame ad using our music.”


4. Americans Show ‘These Hands’

Ben Carson’s run for the GOP presidential nomination didn’t pan out, but it left behind this strangely captivating video. It shows everyday people from around the country raising their hands bearing the words, “These Hands.” It’s a play on Carson’s famous deft hands that he used as a renowned surgeon.


3. Politician Bores Wife, Friends to Tears

Gerald Daugherty, who is running for reelection to the Travis County Commission in Austin, Texas, can’t stop talking about politics. In this spot, he bores his wife and friends silly talking about county finances. As his wife notes while staring directly at the camera, “Please reelect Gerald … please.”


2. Democrat Assembles a Gun … Blindfolded

Democrat Jason Kander is battling incumbent U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt for his seat in Missouri. Blunt has attacked Kander for supporting tougher background checks for gun purchases. But to show his support for Second Amendment rights, Kander — who served as a U.S. Army captain in Afghanistan — assembles a military rifle. Blindfolded. And Kander’s personal challenge at the end of the commercial is priceless.


1. Gary Johnson’s ‘Abe Lincoln’ Ad Skewers Clinton, Trump

If you love either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, you may have mixed feelings about this commercial for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. But if you equally loathe both candidates, you’ll probably find this ad hilarious.


One More: Lindsey Graham Destroys His Cellphone

After Donald Trump released Sen. Lindsey Graham’s cellphone number at a televised rally in South Carolina, the longshot GOP presidential contender had some fun in an ad showing numerous ways to destroy your cellphone. Warning: Don’t try these at home. Or at least use safety glasses.

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