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The Twitterverse can be a frustrating place at times, full of misinformation, people who post childish memes, and trolls shouting that SO AND SO IS THE STUPIDEST POLITICIAN EVER! If you’re just looking for a quick laugh, though, there are a number of humor and parody accounts that can bring a smile to your face. Here are a few of our favorites, some well known, others lesser so.


5. You Had One Job



The owner of this account runs several other Twitter handles with similar names, but the same theme: People doing something stupid or weird, at work, home, wherever. Recent tweets included the requisite cute pet videos, inappropriate signs and clothing, and a bizarre photo from a local news station showing a dead raccoon in the road. Seems clueless highway workers had painted right over the roadkill as they restriped the yellow line. Warning: Some of the material has an adult theme. In fact, several of these accounts are for mature audiences.


4. Funny Tweets



The account is so prolific in tweeting (almost 50,000 tweets since 2011) you’re sure to get a few chuckles each day. With almost 7.5 million followers, they’re doing something right.


3. Super 70s Sports

3. 70s Sports


A great follow for anyone who grew up as a sports fan in the 1970s or 1980s, or reminisces about pop culture from that era.


2. Faces in Things



After you start following this Twitter feed, you’ll see “faces in things” everywhere you go in life. With some of these posts, just a quick glance is all that’s needed to see the animal or human face in the image. But take one tweet from earlier this year; showing the smoke from a California forest fire, you have to study it for a few seconds to see the old man and his dog in the smoke, but they are unmistakably visible.


1. The Onion



This well-known titan of irreverent satire will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2018. The Onion launched its website in 1996, and was an early adopter of the Twitter trend, starting its account in 2008. If you are easily offended by, well, anything, steer clear.


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