12 Listosaur Stories You Might Have Missed in 2016

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During the holiday season, many businesses give away free stuff to their loyal customers. Since all of our stories at Listosaur.com are already free, that puts us at a disadvantage (we would love to send all of our loyal readers hundreds of dollars in cash and prizes, but it’s not going to happen). So in keeping with our annual holiday tradition, here are 12 of our favorite stories on the site from the past 12 months. As always, we thank you for your support. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


10 Spectacular Sports Stadiums That Were Never Built

The original design for Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium showed the facility built atop the Monongahela River.

When we learned that Pittsburgh officials once discussed building a stadium for the Pirates and Steelers on top of the Monongahela River, we started digging around and found some other bizarre stadium concepts that were never built. Read more.


10 Cars That Were Years Ahead of Their Time

Preston Tucker's Tucker Torpedo was hailed as a car ahead of its time.

The 1948 Tucker sedan included features that would not become standard for years to come. © Sean O’Flaherty

From the first SUV in 1935 to a 1950s car that pioneered the collision-avoidance systems standard on luxury models today, here are 10 cars that were decades ahead of the auto industry. Read more.


10 Worst Fictional Presidents in TV and Movies

Frank Underwood is murderous, sociopathic … of course he’s presidential material. © Netflix

Maybe you think Barack Obama was the worst president ever, or that Donald Trump is the devil incarnate. Hollywood has given us far worse presidents. Read more.


10 Notable Leaning Towers Around the World

The Gate of Europe Towers were the first inclined skyscrapers in the world. © Reinhard Link

Everyone has heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but these days, architects are designing skyscrapers with far more lean … just for artistic purposes. Read more.


10 Incredible Displays of 3D Art

German artist Edgar Mueller’s 3D scene here is incredibly realistic.

A look at some astounding examples of 3D art, and how they were created. Read more.


3 Thoughts on Hillary Clinton Winning the Popular Vote

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but did her focus on that hurt her effort to win the election? © Gage Skidmore

Much has been made of Hillary Clinton’s victory in the popular vote. But one recent report notes her campaign spent millions driving up her popular vote totals while ignoring requests for more assistance in a state that might have helped her win the presidency. Read more.


5 Mysterious Islands You Can Actually Visit

Mexico’s Island of the Dolls is an otherworldly place.

You don’t need to be a character in the TV series Lost to have adventures on a mysterious island. Read more.


5 Reasons Americans Are Worried About the Economy

The traditional measure of unemployment doesn’t count millions who are chronically unemployed or under-employed. © Martha Soukup

The current economic recovery is the weakest in more than 50 years. No wonder many Americans are worried about the economy. Read more.


5 Haunted Landscapes in the U.S.

The Great Dismal Swamp is one of the most haunted landscapes in America. Credit: USFWS

We take a look at a few American landscapes where the paranormal is supposedly quite normal. Read more.


10 Real-Life Superheroes in America

There are a number of real-life superheroes in the U.S. who fight crime and raise money for charity. © Theodore James Production

Think superheroes are only found in movies and comic books? Think again. We take a look at some real-life heroes who don costumes to fight crime, raise money for charity, and help others. Read more.


10 Strange Scenes From the 2016 Rio Olympics

Michael Phelps’ intense scowl during the Rio Olympics only added to his legend. © NBC

Who can ever forget Michael Phelps’ “death stare” aimed at a competitor before an event at Rio? The Rio Olympics gave us many images we may never forget. Read more.


5 Incredible Scientific Advances Possible Within 25 Years

Will scientists someday soon be able to create life in a laboratory? Credit: NASA/ Dominic Hart

From lifelike androids to the discovery of alien life, the next two decades holds the promise of some incredible advances and discoveries. Read more.


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