5 Unusual Homemade Pizza Recipes

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Americans definitely love their pizza. According to PMQ Pizza Magazine, Americans spent $38.5 billion on pizzas from restaurants in 2014. Another $3 billion went for frozen and grocery deli pizzas. Those billions don’t even account for the people who have discovered the joys of making their own pies at home. But let’s face it — no matter how good your homemade pizzas taste, it’s fun now and then to try something different. Here are just a few of the unique pizza recipes we found on YouTube.


5. Jalapeno Popper Pizza

Hey, it’s not just jalapenos — there is bacon, too! If you’re making this, go ahead and live dangerously and skip the reduced-fat cream cheese in favor of the regular stuff. This recipe comes courtesy of the great food site AllRecipes.com.


4. Mashed Potato Breakfast Pizza

Yes, a breakfast pizza with egg and mashed potato. Even the chef admits, “Now I know it might seem weird to put potatoes on pizza …” We were a little suspicious when we noticed the Idaho Potato Commission mentioned in the video credits — “Hey, if we can convince millions of people to make potato pizzas for breakfast, we’ll be rich beyond our wildest dreams!” — but it looks pretty good.


3. Nacho Pizza

It would be almost impossible to go wrong mixing these two party favorites into one creation. Kudos to Poor Man’s Gourmet Kitchen for this recipe.


2. Skillet Deep-Dish Pizza

What’s better than deep-dish pizza? A deep-dish pizza made at home. You’ll need a cast-iron skillet, a key utensil in any aspiring chef’s kitchen.


1. Pizza Cones

This is the hot new trend in the pizza world. Here’s a helpful tip — forget the tedious task of using aluminum foil to make the pizza cone holders. You can buy inexpensive holders at kitchen supply stores, and even Walmart.


One More: Spicy Chinese Pizza

A pizza with hakka noodles and Schezuan sauce really does push the boundaries of fusion cuisine.


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